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You’re no stranger to moving. Making seven trips to and from your new place, lugging all your belongings up and down flights of stairs. How the heck are you going to fit your mattress in the backseat of your car? Tying it to the roof is starting to sound like a good idea. One thing's for sure: that tiny two-door just won’t cut it for your next move. Now you know better — you downloaded Haulzi.

With the Haulzi app, moving anything anywhere is easy. Get simple, local access to the truck you don’t have.

  1. Snap a photo of your haul.
  2. Set the pick up and drop off locations.
  3. Request a local driver.
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Get Matched With a Driver

Post your haul and get instantly connected with a top-rated Haulzi driver in your area. Whether you need help moving across town or hauling your new furniture from the store, there’s a Haulzi driver ready to lend a hand, and their vehicle. All Haulzi transactions are fully insured and drivers must pass a thorough background check, so your belongings are always in good hands and on the best wheels.

Agree on a Fair Price

When a local Haulzi driver picks up your request, it’s time to talk money. Say goodbye to awkward payment arrangements with your friends and intimidating haggling with the professional movers. Haulzi’s private chat feature makes it easy for you and your driver to negotiate a price for the haul. When you agree on a bid and your haul safely arrives to the drop off location, your payment is transferred directly through the app. No more frantic searches for your wallet or fumbling with dollar bills. In just a few clicks, your driver is paid and your belongings are successfully hauled without hassle.

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